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Bally Chohan charity work

The bally Chohan  Foundation is a UK charity, founded by famous businessman Mr. Bally Chohan 2014,

which provides education to poor children and health care services for the underprivileged

in India. and to the other parts of Africa … The foundation performs many charitable

activities and Bally Chohan is a great human and the purest soul.

our work


The bally Chohan foundation sponsors various NGO’s and gave them a great opportunity to serve the

needy people and perform many charitable activities. It serves the education fund of 400 children

in Madhya Pradesh and another 300 through Bihar, the UK based non-profitable foundation Bally Chohan

is to serve the needy people. The foundation supports the viklang Shishu Kendra Initiative,

a program to teach mentally disabled children. As of December 2018,

the foundation has helped  590 individuals, 720 of the unemployed youth have gained

employment through bally Chohan

charitable foundation.


The foundation has organized a campaign to improve basic skills for school

students and provided them a free encouraging material to help them

in gaining their knowledge.


Bally Chohan has provided funding to help children with various disabilities.

It has provided drought relief in Bihar and blankets for flood victims in, conducted

free eye camps to provide them eye surgeries free of cost to all individuals dealing

with cataract problems.


Bally Chohan is serving food to the school children and its a great work to feed the food to some needy one.

they are also helping cancer patients  and also

giving funds to various hospitals for unprivileged patients and help them to recover from the dangerous diseases


Founded 2014

Founder Bally Chohan

Type Education and healthcare for underprivileged

Focus Underprivileged children

Location Madhya Pradesh

Area served       India

Products it sale, property real estates.

Services Education, employment and medical treatment

Method Direct training, funding medical treatment,

supplies for the differently-abled 

Owner Bally Chohan



The bally Chohan Foundation is a UK based  charity, founded by the UK businessman Bally Chohan

in 2014, which provides help to unprivileged ones.

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