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My views on changing weather conditions:-


A SIBERIAN snow bomb found near UK-wide whiteout in under a fortnight amid warnings this winter may see a repeat of the deadly 2005 ‘European Cold Wave’.
Severe cold weather provoked by atmospheric changes in the North Pole threatens to grip the UK from next week keeping the nation freezing until spring. The big chill will occur with predicted effects of a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event which developed over the North Pole last month. SSW, which triggers severe cold weather in the UK, was the driver for last year’s Beast from the East winter blast.

Some meteorological experts have compared to winter 2005/06 which saw heavy, thundery snowfall continue almost into mid-April.
Although it wasn’t the most severe winter on record in Britain, savage cold swept Europe bringing snowfall to parts of the Continent for the first time in decades.
Many parts of eastern Europe braved the coldest winter for more than 30 years as temperatures dropped to -40C (-40F) in Russia claiming dozens of lives.
Temperatures are expected to drop across Britain at the end of next week as bitter air floods in from the northeast.
Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden reported “January still looks like delivering some significant period of cold weather with widespread snowfall possible before the end of the month.
“Currently there are signs of a significant snow event just after the middle of January with another possible towards the end of the month.
“There are likely to be further lengthy, cold and wintry spells early in the year with temperatures for the month as a whole expected to come in below average.
“Unusually cold weather could hold out through February, which threatens further harsh winter conditions including snowfall, and into the meteorological spring.”
A member of  The Weather Company agreed to add: “The outlook for the end of January and into February is that overall temperatures will be below normal.”
SSW set in during past t week of December with the effect on the UK weather expected to take hold around mid-January.
Although it is not always followed by severe cold weather there are strong signals for a severe icy blast through the second half of winter.
Recent developments in the Arctic stratosphere have led some climate experts to warn this SSW could be the strongest ever observed.
It threatens to disrupt the pool of air over the North Pole – the so-called Polar Vortex – splitting it into three sending a cascade of freezing air across Britain.
Climatologist Judah Cohen of the US Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) said a deluge of snow is poised to descend across Europe around mid-January.

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