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As general elections are around the corner, Facebook is looking to “revamp up its integrity efforts” in the country. This will consist appointment of key personnel, increased advertising transparency, and implementing its learnings from the recently concluded elections in Brazil, the United States (Congress and Senate midterms), Bangladesh, and India (state elections).


Facebook’s global politics and government outreach director, said that the company was about to appointing an election integrity head, a position it was trying to fill for the last three months. She informed that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg Indian polls are “top priority” and “they remain very involved in Facebook’s election integrity plans”.


The social media company wants to enhance its enforcement of transparency for political advertisements, a move that started early r last year. “They have been exploring a variety of different options and best ways to execute that. Some of the things are trying to work through, is — how do they balance people’s privacy (providing a name and can cause problems) versus the public’s right to know who is behind these (political) ads,” Harbath one of the members of Facebook said.


Facebook got a glimpse of language-based of social platforms ahead of the elections. India could present the company with a challenge of a scale it hasn’t seen before. Harbaugh also said Facebook’s experience in Brazil, particularly with the language aspect could only help the company in India.


So,   is helping to make elections easy.

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