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Positive thinking is an optimistic  and ecstatic state  of mind, which sees the bright side of life. A positive state of mind brings more harmony and peace, improves relationships, and attracts success into your life.So,it is very important to stay positive as it brings fruitful results.

Key factors  to bring positive attitude

1)Self Enhancement-Analysing and ignoring negative thoughts is very crucial to attain positive thinking.Getting rid of negative habits and focusing  on positive energy will make life more peaceful.

2)Pragmatic thinking-There is no success without failure. Learning from failures  can change your entire life.One should constantly march ahead and learn from mistakes made in past. People clear about goals are confident that they will accomplish them,sooner or later.

3)Happiness- Ecstatic people  thanks for the many blessings in life rather than worrying or whining  about the things they do not have.So, happiness lie in your hands.One needs to change their perception and interpretation of the world .No matter what life throws at you strive for happiness.

4)Be kind- kindness is a virtue which you should inculcate in yourself .Appreciating others and helping them will give you immense happiness. The other person will be inspired by your charisma.

5) Meditate – It’s okay to be frustrated but don’t let that frustration take over your mind.Meditation rejuvenates the mind, makes us more patient and rids the body of harmful chemicals that cause stress and anxiety; Indulge in yoga , gymming whatever makes you relax.

Life is a beautiful journey only if you have positive attitude so keep moving in right direction.

                             Believe in           “PASSION WITH COMPASSION”


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