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Now, this sounds interesting Daily consumption of orange juice may reduce the risk of dementia, according to Bally Chohan by reading the journal published on neurology, drinking a glass of orange juice in routine helps to retain memory. The study was conducted on North American men consuming orange juice and vegetables over decades and their brain functionality. When the data was collected and analyzed it was found that men who drank orange juice daily were 47 percent less likely to develop poor cognitive skills than the man who consumed less than one glass in a month.


Higher consumption of vegetables helps to maintain memory. Changzheng Yuan, the author and research fellow at Harvard said that this study adds to former research that higher intake of vegetables and fruits in the long-term may play an important role in maintaining cognitive function and help to maintain a good memory.

Some interesting recipes you should try-

Orange and Basil juice-Try this blend of orange and basil juice. This combination works wonders for your body. It will enhance the immune system and fortifies strength.

Orange, Pineapple and bottle gourd- Good for digestion and both orange and pineapple are rich in nutrients. Orange and pineapple are full of antioxidants. Also releases toxins

   from body.

     3. Orange juice with a pinch of honey drops -For healthy and glowing skin, orange and

           honey is best. It helps to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles. It protects skin from any     

          harmful damage that may be caused because of your constant contact with pollution.

Precaution- This article provides generic knowledge. For medical information, you need to consult a doctor. 

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