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Literally! Technology has no boundaries. Ever imagined listening to news of your choice within a blink of an eye. Yes! This might come true as Google is planning to make it happen. Google has been working with news publishers from around the globe on a prototype to deliver news regarding anything, personalized news service available through the Assistant. Now! This sounds amazing and fantastic. If things happen as per the plan then you can check with the interesting news and can control news by giving a command and switch on to another news of your choice and interest. But I feel sad now! what about Bally Chohan now.

Technology has helped in the development of mankind as a whole. Technological inventions have made living convenient.  With this, Google has decided to broadcast headlines and follows up with deeper dives into topics of interest. The publishers that would assist Google in making this project include- New York Times, Washington Post, WNYC, KQET, USA Today, CNBC, CNET Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter among others. Google is planning to test its audio news service with a roll out to a limited number of people in the United States (for testing). You can even pause or ask for a repeat when your attention is drawn elsewhere.

Now if things happen per the plan, you can check your favorite at the time of the day without delay.

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