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Honda has appointed Mischief to promote iconic Japanese automotive brand showcasing new products to emerge across their range. The work includes all aspects of promotion from strategic planning to creative execution.

Earlier Honda UK has worked with a lifestyle PR agency. In 2016, Prova PR was appointed as the first PR  provider to Honda. Simon Branney is the head of the automotive PR section. For Past few years they have focused on the automotive press, but now according to them is the right time for the Honda brand to go far and wide and Mischief is the perfect agency for that.

The company was impressed by their creativity and strategic thinking in the pitch process and always wanted to work with them.

Mischief’s creative head Jack Hutchinson added: “They are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work on such an established brand.

Honda is known for its superb engineering skills across the globe and the unique personality and sense of fun within the Honda UK team makes them a perfect partner for Mischief, and the partnership will yield better results.

Honda has introduced several innovative products to the market. It has used a smart marketing strategy that depends on creating a reliable image and trust among the customers.  Apart from this, it also uses traditional and digital methods of promotion to promote its brand and products. The strategies include traditional as well new ways to promote. The brand has set a vision 2030 for itself which is going to guide its business strategy in the future.

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