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Kabir Singh movie review by Bally Chohan


Kabir Singh is an official remake of the Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. The film charts the

journey of a short-tempered doctor Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor), whose obsession for his

girlfriend leads him on the path to self-destruction. Can he come out of the dark world that

he creates for himself?

Kabir Singh movie cast

Last updated on 24 Jun, 2019,6:00

Kabir Singh movie review: Meet Kabir Singh – the kind of boyfriend, who is aggressive, obsessive

and would go to any extreme for his girl. He is all in or nothing at all. As a senior and a topper in

one of Delhi’s most reputed medical institutes, he wields immense power. Thanks to his lethal

anger issues, there are few who would want to mess with him. By his own admission, he becomes

a rebel with a cause as soon as he sees his junior in college Preeti (Kiara Advani). For him, it is

love at first sight. But this is far from a meet-cute romance, with mush gush and the regular

romantic toppings. It immediately gives Kabir’s unsettled and self-destructive streak a reason

to manifest. Thus, he begins the real journey of his character into the deep dark abyss of chasing

the love of his life. Shahid’s performance lets the character get away with a lot of vices like

womanizing, drug addiction, alcoholism, and brash male toxicity. For some, his actions and

recklessness might seem problematic, but that is evidently his character sketch, and

Shahid plays it with brutal honesty. Shahid Kapoor completely surrenders himself to

the extremism of Kabir Singh. The powerhouse performer plays each and every shade of Kabir with such passion and perfection that his conviction makes you root for him, even when he is far stretched from being the picture perfect lover boy. It is only because of Shahid’s strong performance that many of his characters’ excesses seem justified. In terms of screen space, no one comes close to the leading man, not even the woman he is so obsessively in love with, Kirara Advani. For the most part, Kiara remains demure and is left to use silence as her only tool for performance. With such limited scope, she never really gets a chance to shine. Shahid’s trusted friend Shiva (Soham Majumadar), on the other hand, gets ample opportunity to show solid support even when his friend is way out of line. Kabir singh movie review uk by BallyChohan

The film’s conflicts in the second half start becoming repetitive. The pace of the film becomes an issue with a runtime that is undeniably long. Thankfully, the realism and build up to Kabir’s deterioration is well executed and so is the practical support that he gets from his family. Writer-director Sandeep Vanga Reddy, who also helmed the Telugu original, makes his hero vulnerable but not weak enough to feel sorry for.

Kabir Singh movie review the UK by Bally Chohan


The remake stays mostly true to the original. However, the original had better chemistry between the lead actors, hence the love story seemed more effective. Also, Kabir Singh is a tad more humane than Arjun Reddy while being equally intense. He always shows up looking dapper, even in the driest conditions. So it isn’t a surprise that the most pretty girls, including a heroine Jia (Nikita Dutta), falls for his unabashed charm. Film’s music compliments the narrative with its soulful renditions in the background.

While Kabir Singh is a welcome change from stereotypical love stories, this kind of love affair needs some getting used to. If you can generally accept the fact that human beings can be flawed (sometimes deeply flawed), you will be able to stomach this rebellious story of love with extreme madness, often lacking rationale and reason. Through his protagonist, Sandeep bets all his cards on his leading man, making sure you either love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him.

Kabir Singh movie review the UK by Bally Chohan


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