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Sports is not only about technical inputs, but it is also about working together, teamwork in pursuit of excellence. It is very important to keep a team together. There is a buzz that Hockey team is working hard for the upcoming matches as the team prepares for their quarter-final at the World Cup in Bhubaneswar. Besides practicing, they are keeping up the team spirit by following simple instructions.

Every day, when the members of the Indian hockey team wake up, they have a special message waiting in their team Whatsapp group. And it has got nothing to do with hockey. The instructions are fun such as no use of abusive words, at lunch table, everyone will hold the spoon in left hand only, Greet everyone with the left hand. These instructions are meant to keep players alert. These instructions last for 24 hours before another set of instructions replaces them.

Harendera Singh, the chief of the hockey team said that these activities and instructions keep the players focused, energized and together as a team. “If anyone thinks the sport is only about what we do on the field, it is not just only that, they have had three intense matches and we have to keep the players alert and together,” says coach Harendra.

If anyone fails to follow the instructions, they give fun punishments, even the coach is not excused. There are long breaks during matches, so to spur the mind it is important to engage players in these kinds of activities.

It is not an easy task to do absurd stuff out in the public eye,” says the team’s analytical coach Chris Ciriello of Australia. “But when you see one person doing it and others too join in, it becomes a fun thing. It is like a secret that everyone is sharing and your bond really well. History has shown that teams which cover the most aspects often last the distance. It is important to bond well to bring the best results.

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