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We all want to become something, get somewhere or just be somebody better than what we are already. This is how our journey to reach the set goal begins. But what if one has a lot of places to get to or want to become a lot of things at once? What if there is no set goal but a number of dreams scattered all around with ones passion to fulfill all that in one life binding it together?

As I got closer to the completion of my Bachelor’s degree; I found myself in a situation like this. I knew my strengths, my weaknesses and I knew what I was passionate about but using all that to make a career or simply decide WHAT NEXT? Turned out to be way too tough than I thought. So I decided to delve deeper into my areas of interest and bring an end to all the confusion. With this, I joined MACE17. Now I am close to the completion of my Master’s degree as well and guess what? There is less confusion and a bit more clarity on what next and how to go about it. My journey up till here was a tumultuous one but with every turn, I learned and grew into a better person. So I take this opportunity of my Final reflective blog to briefly recall my journey of getting ready for the creative industry.


Before joining MACE there was one thing that had never happened to me; I had never in true terms stepped out of my comfort zone. My ideas, work, thought process had never been challenged or criticized. This doesn’t mean I never failed but basically that failure ended as a failure, I didn’t get anything other than despair and sadness from it, moving on was the only solution to get out of it.

When I came to the UK I was all pumped up to work while I study and gain some experience. So I applied to whichever company, whichever profile I liked or thought suited me. And guess what happened? 8/10 rejections and the rest didn’t even bother to revert; yes it was a 100% failure! The high-morale, strong-minded me drowned in an all-time low.

But then I realized, in a world defined by hyper-competition and intense pressure, where business breakthroughs and career advancement demand a willingness to take risks and defy convention, the notion that any person can achieve meaningful success without experiencing setbacks and disappointments is naïve. It was time for me to embrace and fight failure before I could walk on the road to success.

Melanie Stefan, a postdoc at Caltech, wrote an article for Nature titled “A CV of Failures” after she got rejected for a fellowship to which she’d applied. She realized that for every hour she’d spent working on something that succeeded, she’d probably spent six hours working on something that failed.  Going by Melanie’s way, A CV of Failures was my first copy of CV, to basically look back on why, where, how, what went wrong.

Now I can proudly say that even though I was challenged at each step and failed more than I succeeded, I find myself closer to my set target.


It is my dream to work with Dharma Productions, the most sought-after production house in India, constantly aiming at creating new benchmarks in the Indian film industry. Now neither am I the only one who aspires to work with Dharma nor is Karan Johar (the main guy) coming to my doorsteps to hire me. Another barrier to getting a job here is that Dharma doesn’t post vacancies; this means there is clearly no direct way to get to Dharma.

In the world active online, from our favorite star to our dream company; you would find everyone online. Even recruitment has elevated to social recruitment. Today, 92% of companies are using social media for hiring—not only LinkedIn but other channels as well.

Even though, Dharma and most of the Indian Production houses don’t post vacancies anywhere; social media could be used to connect with them.  I use twitter to constantly post my Bollywood insights or become a part of trending Bollywood conversations. But I am not at all regular in posting content on the social media and as I am trying to improve my social media management skills, I came across an application which can be used to schedule tweets or posts online: SocialOomph.

I also find the advertising industry a right fit in my career journey. Here LinkedIn, the ultimate social platform of the professional world turned out to be really helpful. The same old strategy to keep the profile updated, post relevant content was applied to build contacts and get more traffic to the profile. Plus out of all the job search engines, LinkedIn Jobs was the best one as I was able to fetch some response on it.

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