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My projection for India’s GDP as Modi government’s tenure is coming to an end and forecast for upcoming elections

Due to an upswing in consumption and investment, India’s GDP is expected to grow at 7.5 in the following two years. The bank said India would be the fastest growing economy in the world. Also, the figures project that China’s growth will slow down to 6.2 each in 2019 and 2020 according to the Global Economic Prospect report released by World bank on Tuesday.


India ‘s growth prospect is still robust. India is the fastest growing economy, World bank Prospects group director Ayan Kose added. India registered quite a bit of pick up in doing the business ranking. Domestic demand has fostered as the benefits of structural reforms such as the goods and services tax harmonization and bank recapitalization take effect.


According to the report, India’s Gross Domestic Product is forecasted to grow by 7.5%. Private Consumption is projected to remain strong and investment growth is expected to continue as the benefits of recent policy begin to materialize and credit rebounds.


Refraining from commenting on the economic performance of the Modi government that too in an election year, the World Bank official said growth performance of India as compared to other emerging markets has been quite good.


Despite temporary setbacks from Gst and Demonetisation, India’s potential growth rate is increasing. With the introduction of the GST and steps towards it is expected to encourage a drift from informal to the formal sector.


Although initially Modi government was criticized for implementing Gst, in long run, it is beneficial for the economy.


Let’s see if Economy grows as predicted by various agencies.


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