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Good ambiance -maintaining good culture and right attitude towards your colleagues creates a healthy environment for valuable discussions.For example,if working in a team project listening to your teammates ideas would hone your skills as well.

Taking short breaks-instead of hassling your work and doing it inappropriately, take short breaks and focus on things properly .Putting emojis on  water bottle or your desk will serve as a reminder of happiness.

Maintaining a  to do list– A to do list not helps to maintain an order but also a strategy to get the projects done in an adequate manner. It helps to prioritize what needs to be done before deadlines are reached.Time management will make you star in front your boss.

Punctuality-You should reach  office on the dot.Time is the key to success.So,even if you wake up grossy and gloomy just grab a cup of coffee to lit up your mood and give your best shot at work.

Good sense of humour-although you are good at work but if you find your coworker upset about something you need to reach out to them to lighten their mood.A stress free atmosphere will bring best results for company . Being amiable  will avoid you getting into problems.


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