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This document addresses BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s policy regarding control and contents of E-Mail messages, employee’s privacy expectations and access to and disclosure of E-Mail messages. The policies presented in this document cover all E-Mail systems operating on all platforms (mainframes, PCs, network servers) within BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK.

Company Property

BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK ‘s E-Mail systems are BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK property and E-Mail users have no expectation of privacy. As a condition to be granted access to BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK ‘s E-Mail Systems, E-Mail system users acknowledge that no E-Mail communications are considered private and consent to having such communications monitored and/or disclosed by authorized representatives of BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK. Management reserves the right to review E-Mail at the company’s discretion.

E-Mail Use

E-Mail is designed to increase the productivity of those individuals performing their normal business and communication tasks. E-Mail is available to all BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK employees and other authorized personnel who, as part of their work, have a need to perform automated business functions such as, electronic document creation, electronic mail, electronic meetings, electronic mail filing, resource scheduling and so on.

All E-Mail users shall adhere to the E-Mail guidelines and procedures developed to promote individual productivity and efficiency in the use of the system. E-Mail is a BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK business tool to be used in performing BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK work. Use of the E-Mail system is a privilege and misuse of it will result in the loss of access privileges and/or disciplinary action (including termination of employment). Examples of misuse are, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Use of E-Mail for the transmission of excessive or inappropriate personal or non-business related information. Inappropriate information would include, but not be limited to, chain letters, and non-company authorized solicitations and announcements.
  • Use of E-Mail for the transmission of material which violates any other BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK policy (for example, the policy forbidding sexual harassment).
  • Using or accessing another E-mail user’s account and/or material contained within the account without prior management approval and/or prior consent of the individual.

E-Mail User Profile Data

All E-Mail systems within BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK contain an area where user profile data is to be maintained. The information varies somewhat depending on the E-Mail system used. Each E-Mail user shall keep their profile information current. The minimum requirements for profile information are.

  • Telephone Numbers – Every profile entry should include a business telephone number. If an E-Mail user does not have a telephone assigned, they are to enter the telephone number of their supervisors. Since the profile data is the primary source of telephone directory information, the format for the telephone number should be the Technet format. For international E-Mail users, telephone number should include country code, city code and telephone number.
  • Mailing Address – Every profile entry should include a business mailing address. This should reflect the location where internal correspondence should be delivered. Systems that provide ample room should include a mailing address for external communications as well.


  • Public E-Mail Functions

E-Mail systems contain public areas which are accessed and used by all E-Mail users. All E-Mail users are to use the public areas as they were designed and consistent with BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s interests. Misuse of the public areas and functions is subject to the disciplinary actions addressed above.



For data security purposes, when E-Mail users are away from their work stations, it is strongly recommended that they are required to log off of the E-Mail system or use the “lock-up” facility on their PC, if one is available. E-Mail system users are also required to change their log on passwords every 60 days.


BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK India Email Policy is as per the BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK policy on Electronic Communication given below.


This establishes BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s policies regarding access to and use of BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s electronic communication systems and disclosure of data and messages sent, received or stored using such systems.


This Policy applies to the Corporation and its subsidiaries, divisions, and other business entities it controls worldwide.


  1. “Electronic communication” means transmission or receipt of text, data or images via BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK networks, the Internet or any other means, including e-mail and access to and use of the World Wide Web.
  2. BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s electronic communication systems and related software, hardware, and peripherals are to be used only for legitimate business purposes by employees and third parties who have agreed, in writing, to BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s confidentiality and use restrictions. Incidental and infrequent personal use by approved users is acceptable, but is subject to the requirements of this Policy.
  3. BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s systems may not be used for any illegal purpose or contrary to company policies or procedures.  Unauthorized access to or use of networks or data, tampering or interfering with the operation of systems, and unauthorized access to an electronic communication are prohibited.
  4. Approved users’ privacy does not extend to BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s electronic communications systems.  To the extent allowed by law, all Electronic communications transmitted using or stored on BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s electronic communications systems are the property of BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK and may be monitored, accessed, stored and disclosed by BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK without restriction.

Retaining Electronic Communications:

Electronic communications (including e-mail messages and data) are “records and data” under. Only electronic communications that are clearly necessary to BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK’s business should be retained.  Records retention programs of each operating unit must address electronic communications and include procedures regarding the preservation of such communications as required.

The following requirements must be implemented in operating units using Microsoft Exchange or similar e-mail systems, and should be implemented to the extent applicable in operating units using other software.

  1. User-Created Folders

Users may create folders to store electronic communications pending normal retention reviews.  Because local drives (e.g., hard drive, floppy disc, CD) are not backed up and are susceptible to theft, sensitive company material — especially if not duplicated elsewhere – must not be stored on local drives.

  1. Automatic Storage or Movement

Electronic communications should not be moved in bulk or automatically from “Inbox” or “Sent Items” to a folder or any other electronic storage medium.

  1. Management of Electronic Communications in “Inbox” and “Sent Items” Folders

All electronic communications, including attachments, contained in “Sent Items” and “Inbox” folders will be moved automatically to a “Systems Clean-up Folder” 60 days after the date sent or received, and the user will be notified by the electronic communication system.  If a message is not moved from the “System Clean-up Folder” within 21 days of such notice, the message will be deleted automatically.

  1. Annual Review of User-Created Folders

Every user shall review the contents of all folders at least annually and delete those items that are not necessary for business purposes in accordance with the procedures promulgated under

  1. Deleted Mail Folders

Users shall choose the option to “Empty the Deleted Items Folder Upon Exiting”. Deleted messages are retained by the Exchange server and recoverable by the user for seven days.

  1. Automatic Forwarding

Users shall not automatically “forward” copies of electronic communications received in their BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK system to external systems (e.g., AOL) for the purposes of accessing messages from a personal e-mail or internet service provider.   Remote access to BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK electronic communications is permitted only via company-approved remote network access facilities or company-approved wireless devices.

  1. Backup Storage

BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK preserves backup copies of electronic communications for the purpose of disaster recovery.  Except as necessary to meet legal obligations as determined by the Legal Department, preservation of backup media beyond 30 days is prohibited.


Internet access is provided on need to use basis. Request for Internet Access is to be provided on the format . The form must be duly filled up, and must state clearly why Internet access is requested. The request needs to be authorized by the direct supervisor of the requestor, and a functional supervisor at least at MG-4 level, the Director-IT, or the Director HR if the direct supervisor is below MG-4. The form needs to be handed over to the local  HelpDesk who would arrange to provide Internet Connection to the requestor. Lead time at present for providing the Internet connection is 1 working day from the date a duly authorized request is received.

Internet access will be through BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK proxy servers.

The user is responsible for adherence to the BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK Internet Policy  Internet Access is being provided for business use; therefore Internet sites that are not related to this purpose are to be avoided. Specifically, chat sites, sites with pornographic, racist, or otherwise objectionable content, and sites unrelated to our business are to be strictly avoided. BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK India reserves all rights to monitor internet access and take action as appropriate if the Internet Access Policy is violated. Please clarify any doubts with the DIRECTOR-IT or with the HR Director. The user is also required to ensure that appropriate safeguards (the latest anti-virus signatures, appropriate settings on the Browser) on his desktop / laptop are in place. Please contact the  HelpDesk if there are any doubts. Internet sites can transmit viruses and have tools which can allow third parties to hack into our network. Please contact the  Help Desk or the DIRECTOR-IT immediately if you suspect your desktop / laptop is at risk.

Files may not be downloaded without specific written / mail approval of the DIRECTOR-IT.

Laptop users are required to ensure that the BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK Policies are not violated when accessing the Internet from locations other than the office.

Please note that accessing the Internet using Company owned IT equipment and / or from Company premises without appropriate authorization is a violation of BALLY CHOHAN TECHNOLOGY UK Policies. Please ensure appropriate approval on format IARF is obtained before you access.