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Bally Chohan is a very successful real estate professional. Baljinder Chohan has over 25 years of experience in UK real estate industry. Bally Chohan started his career as real estate agent and now in 25 years he heads a team of 260 members with offices across globe. Baljinder Chohan aka Bally Chohan shares below few important tips to become successful real estate agent in UK.

UK has always been great place to start career as real estate agent. The best part to start career as real estate agent is that this does not require any formal education.  However the great Bally Chohan aka Baljinder Chohan always suggests to go in for degree in real estate and property management. A formal degree always gives an edge. Although, there is no any legal requirement to do so. But having a degree will always give your clients an added sense of confidence. And as each one of is aware real estate during these times is just about confidence.

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  • Most of the Universities in UK offer Bachelor and Master’s degree in real estate. You can opt for masters or bachelors depending upon your qualification.
  • Along with degree in real estate other professional education like MBA etc are also beneficial

If in case you cannot get admission in University then don’t worry at all. You can also go for short term certification courses offered by several private institutes and individuals.

Baljinder Chohan also provides training to become successful real estate agent.

Along with training the best and most important thing anyone can do to become successful real estate agent in UK is to improve communication skills. The communication skills have to be the best. This is not important how good you speak but also how effective you are as listener. You have to be a good listener also. Be always polite and humble to your clients.

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The power to negotiate is the most important skill as per Bally Chohan. This can be a buyer, seller or even other agents. You have to negotiate well so that you can always offer the best deal to your client. Keep your cards always to your chest. Don’t let others have any idea about what you are ready to settle down at.

This will always be an added advantage if you have any previous experience as sales personnel in UK market.

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