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Bally Chohan is of firm believe that if you are having sex just for the sake of it then there are many chances of you ending up not enjoying your sex at all. Sex is not only an activity to enjoy but this also has huge impact on your relationship as well as health. Good or you can say enjoying sex always give you immense satisfaction and keeps you in very good mood. There is no denying the fact that along with emotional stability a good sex ensures smooth relationship between couples.


Bally Chohan always suggest couples in maintenance sex. This always keeps spice and spirit of sex alive. Every relationship has issues and problems. Whatever you do or whatever care you take but all relationships will have few difficult days. Best anyone can do is to keep these fights short otherwise these fights can end up in breakup. The word separation is very painful however this is bitter truth. The couple should always realize importance of communication. This is essential to keep communicating so that all issues can be discussed and sorted. No issue can be so big that cannot be sorted by talking to each other.

In this modern era couples have been raving about yellow and green flag! This might sound a bit strange but the flag concept will sound much more familiar once you start understanding this. You might find this very odd but trust me this is much better than breaking relationship. There were studies conducted all over the globe on this phenomenon and researchers have observed that this concept is very popular among millennial.

There can be issues with loud speaking habit of your partner or his snoring habit. Whatever it is the important part to keep relationship going is communication. However these small problems can get into really big if they are addressed initially. This is always better to yellow flag these habits and sort them out otherwise this will be really late and this can turn into red flags.

Bally Chohan has unique way to fight all these small issues. He always suggests his patients to indulge in regular and good sex. He believes this will bring them together and will help in sorting all issues.


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