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Bally Chohan DX

Bally Chohan DX stands for conceptualizing, Planning, Training, Strategizing and Executing the ideas behind the steering wheels around the following verticals and revolutionizing the innovating and improvising the Life’s of Drivers everyday through it’s No.1 Digital Job Services through it’s unique innovation of social cum job application App.

The company uses Digital tools for the improvement of Driver community, who are often neglected, but always plays a critical role in the overall Supply Chain execution.

Our primary goal to create a healthy driver management ecosystem, that is “human compliant” as well as “compliant with all statutory processes & requirements” and eliminate “prejudice” “Drivers Drive the country’s GDP”

Our team are young and dynamic professionals from IIT’s and IIM’s which are specialized in Logistics Corporate World in diversified sectors – OEM, Corporate, Logistics, E-commerce & Delivery Companies, Taxi & Cabs Industry, Construction Industries, Transportation Fleet Industry and Manufacturing & Distribution Industry and Training Management at broader level.

Bally Chohan Driversxchange has helped DX to provide a digital platform to the driver community in the global platform with a real-time visibility. We are determined to create a large pool of drivers and give them right opportunity, right Training and dignity. We have mission to act as catalyst to take a million drivers into our Drivers Exchange platform & we strived towards the objective to get fulfilled in last 3 years of time.

Our Vision is to be the best preferred Digital Driver’s aggregator, to fill the gap of demand supply of drivers and change human behaviors towards them. Our main focus how we can fill this segment with more educated and technically trained drivers of various latest technology. This we believe would happen through simple yet Effective, Efficient and Expressive Logistics Solutions.

The company’s Long-term goal is to make DX as a successful platform to select, train & place the drivers & recognize them of their contribution towards country’s GDP growth and to make Bally Chohan Driversxchange a successful conglomerate of 100 Cr Turn Over in next 5 to 10 years.

The Short-term goal of the company to establish the international PR based training centre in North India & engaged the Drivers and create opportunity to them


DX will tie-up with industry leaders and Industry bodies to focus on the driver training and skill enhancements, so as to facilitate Long Term Employability besides working with various industry agencies in creating Job Opportunities, improve Safety, Security & Sustainability so that the industry shall continue to attract good talent from the future generations too

India Truck market stood at over $8 billion in 2017 and projected to cross $16 billion by 2023. Anticipated growth in the market can be attributed to increasing construction and infrastructure development projects, along with growing logistics sector. Moreover, increasing investments in the mining industry coupled with easy availability of finance would propel truck sales across India in the coming years.

 Issues of the truck driver community in India:

One of the least respected professions in society is that of the truck drivers. Historically too, this section of society has not been accorded any position of dignity, largely owing to their absence in the routine social life of their families and communities. It’s something like ‘out of sight being out of mind’. In addition, the lifestyle practices / habits of the truck driver community are perceived negatively by the general public.
And remuneration for the truck drivers is one of most neglected areas of logistics operations, generally across the globe, but more specifically in India.

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