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Bally Chohan Driversxchange is a conglomerate into diversified business of Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehousing, Drivers Training, Drivers employment, Information Technology, Foods Industry, Medical Assistance and Consulting Services at national and international platform through it’s digital platform. Bally Chohan Driversxchange is a product of Bally Chohan UK Ltd with a Pan India presence. Bally Chohan Driversxchange is a unique online social media cum digital employment marketplace for multidisciplinary experienced & diversified segmented drivers offering sensitive and innovative logistics solutions across spectrum of wide and diverse groups and markets in the field of Logistics & supply chain operations, since last 5 years. Bally Chohan UK has also setup an international level Drivers recruitment, Training Programme, VISA assistance & certification to overseas.

We have segmented all types of drivers’ basis on their skills and licenses with right fit of vehicles. Our services include trusted Drivers which had undergone their background checked, such as residence, local police check and reference check. We have also tied up with all major automobile manufacture (OEM) for their new technology operation with the help of Bally Chohan UK repository. They can understand better functionality and drive the new technology vehicle with utmost care in Indian road conditions. With the help of top-rated Insurance companies, they prove the accidental insurance for all our registered drives to secure them and their families. No matter if you want a long-distance drive and any other assistance, bally chohan uk has the perfect technology solution to track the drivers and share the information time to time.

Since its inception, the Firm has constantly strived to deliver value consistently to its customers. This is through our interactive, innovative, collaborative and multi – disciplinary work methodology. We like to develop the logistics solutions for Earthmovers Industries, Automobile Industries, State Transport Corporation, Travel Agencies, Corporate Sectors, Transport Companies, Personal/ Private Users, and Supply Chain Management, which are simple in concept and execution, but striking in the form of its appearance and could be sustainable in long term usage. We believe that our skilled & experienced Drivers are efficient, effective, elegant and expressive in terms of meeting duty requirements. We therefore pride ourselves in supplying the highest skilled & experienced Drivers to meet user’s expectations and we hope that touch and enrich the User’s live every day.

Transportation planning and policy implementation has become a very complex and contentious activity. This is partly because many infrastructure projects are capital intensive, and partly because solutions to many issues are not very clear. In an age of instant information transfer, decisions based historically on current fashions may not suit our socio-economic environment. The fact that the future of energy availability and environmental concerns is highly uncertain makes the job even more difficult.

Future transportation planning and policy making will also require a much more sophisticated approach to set in place systems that ensure the consideration of climate change and safety issues as integral components of infrastructure and technology options.

Functioning transportation systems in any location involve interactions between individuals, socio-economic imperatives, technologies, geophysical structures, built environment, organizational capacities, political compulsions, knowledge limitations, influence of special interest groups, and historical path dependencies of societies.

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