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Bright Ideas is a popular annual ideas competition organized by Kingston University, which seeks out innovative, exciting and inspiring ideas – it’s a chance to find out what you’re capable of! From online to prelims and then the final round, a simple idea built out of a passion for traveling and Bollywood grew into a business idea I am willing to pursue in the near future.

Did you know? U.K. is the largest European market for Bollywood films and every year almost 30 Bollywood films are shot in the UK. This implies, that it is not just the picturesque locations which capture Bollywood’s attention but there is a bit of Bollywood in the heart of every Britisher too. Bally Chohan Bollywood Trails is a concept of a Bollywood themed tour of London celebrating this unique relationship and aims to take you on a unique exploration journey all about ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT aaannnd ENTERTAINMENT!

In a country like U.K. which serves as a pure haven for die-hard fans, where themed tours like The Harry Potter tour, Shakespeare tour etc seem to do well; Bollywood themed tour can do WONDERS!

Taking solo tours, researching Bollywood in Britain made the journey up till here so colorful that I am sure the road ahead is bound to be super duper exciting too. What do you reckon?

Enclosing I would like to say, Bollywood is an integral part of who I am today and never fails to inspire me to be creative, colorful and entertaining. I am sure you would get this when you meet me.

See you soon then!

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