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God knows where we are heading to in UK. The covid 19 positive cases reported yesterday were 60000 plus. This is the maximum number of cases reported from various parts of UK since pandemic started in early March 2020. The press release shared by UK government yesterday confirmed a total of 60,916. The government further added that one in fifty people in private households in UK detected covid-19 positive during past seven days.  Yesterday only the England and Scotland has announced one of stringent lockdowns for two months.  The people in UK have been instructed to stay at home for next two months.


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The vaccination process is also going in full speed all over UK. Prime Minister confirmed yesterday during a press conference that almost 1.3 million people have already been vaccinated in UK. This includes 23% of the people over age of 80 years in the United Kingdom. However the major point of concern is that more than one million people are presently infected and almost 40% of the infected people are in hospitals. This is way above the number of people hospitalised during the first peak. For the past 10 days the number of positive cases reported is more than 50000 per day.  This is in sharp contrast to the number of cases reported daily during spring season when the pandemic was reported. The number of cases reported during spring never went more than 7000. However many will differ on this point because as per them the number of cases during spring can go well beyond 100,000 per day. But the testing capacity was very low as compared to today hence the reported cases were low as compared to that of today.


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What is more painful is that the life saving cancer operation also has been put on hold at major London NHS trust. This is done because most of the beds in hospital were taken over by covid19 patients. Immunity level of cancer patients is very low and this is also done in order to protect them from getting infected by corona virus.

The UK government on other hand is doing the best it can. They have imposed very strict lock-down. However the impact of lock-down will be felt only after a week or so. The impact of corona virus is being felt more this time around in UK because of new variant.  The hospitals on the other hand are busy making more space for patients.


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The lock-down is expected to be eased by mid February. For lock-down to be eased in Feb the people in UK have to cooperate. They must follow strict lock-down guidelines issued by the government of UK.

This is really very difficult time for people in general. Not only physical health but mental health has also suffered a lot during this lock-down. There is no physical activity. People are not going out. No socializing means nothing to relieve stress. Kids are also finding it very difficult by just staying at home for the entire day. People who depend on daily wages are being suffered a lot. They are desperate for lock-down to finish so that they can start working.  UK one of the tourist hub is now with almost no tourist.

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