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I survived past one year from COVID19. I took all precautions. And even now mask and sanitizer is part of my routine. I always make it a point to not step out of home without mask on my face and sanitizer in pocket.

Now since the government has started vaccination for my age group, I also booked my vaccination. In India they are injecting either COVIDHIELD or COVACCINE. The health centre where I got appointment uses COVISHIELD. I along with my wife reached the health centre in time. The process over there was very easy. No complication at all. They will check for your appointment at reception. You will be given a token once they cross check all id proof etc. They will also guide you to the vaccination room once all done. Wait for your turn. Got inside the vaccination room and nurse over there did the vaccination. You will be asked to wait at hospital. Before leaving you will be shared with information on after effects of Corona vaccine. Please listen carefully to all instructions given by the doctor or medical staff.

After effects of Corona vaccine

Staff at health care centre told us about possible after effects of vaccine. But we did not take them seriously. We thought we have strong immunity system and nothing will happen to us. However the next 2 days were just hell…  Fever caught up my wife first and then in about an hour or I also got around 101. For the next 24 hours both of us were down with 102 fever and low oxygen. My oxygen level went down to almost 91 at one point of time. Anyways all is well that ends well. We tool paracetamol and both of us recovered. There was body ache on following day but that too went in 48 hours. Now after experiencing all this in person I can say with confidence that the after effects of COVISHIELD vaccine are:-

  1. High Fever
  2. Breathlessness
  3. Body ache

My advice would be that if possible than schedule you and your other family member’s vaccination separately. Because if any of you fall sick because of after-effects of COVIDSHILED vaccine then others can take care of him / her. Most important advice I would like to share with all my readers is that the vaccine does not give you any sort of immunity. This does not mean that you cannot have CORONA or you cannot be carrier of CORONA virus. This still can happen to you in spite of the fact that you got vaccination done. Therefore al wear mask and wash your hands as frequently as possible. Avoid public places and places with big gatherings.