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Flight Bank Impact

This is the festival season. Offices and educational institutions are having holidays. Everybody wants to be with his / her family during Christmas / New Year. However the sudden ban to and from UK flights imposed by many countries across the globe have left many a families stranded. The latest country to join the bandwagon countries banning flight from and to UK is India. India has now halted flights from and to UK until 31st December 2020.

The panic button was pressed by many countries after the announcement from UK Health Department that the new variant of coronavirus is almost 70% more transmissible. However the new variant has found out to be less deadly. India a country with second highest number of cases around glob has also suspended its flights from and to UK. The concern Indian health ministry has is that this will create havoc and will throw healthcare system out of control. Health care experts are of the belief that countries like India will have to be more vigilant in tracking those who arrived from UK in the past three weeks.

India and UK started flights between them as part of Air bubble agreement since July. Not only testing and tracking needs to be done for passengers from UK but also from United Arab Emirates.

Bally Chohan was planning to travel back from home to be with friends and family in India during Christmas and the New Year. However the suspension of flights has ruined his holiday plans. Just like Bally Chohan there are many students and families that planned to travel India for New Year and Christmas. Tourist visa to UK remains suspended since March however those who travelled for family reasons also got caught by this suspension. Air India that has been operating flights from and to UK under Vande Bharat mission has also announced suspension of flights with immediate effect.


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