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Lisa Montgomery the only female inmate on federal death row in the United States of America is finally executed by injecting lethal injection. She was executed at Indiana in Terre Haute prison.  The US Supreme Court lifted stay on her execution. This case did attracted huge media and public attention because the lawyer of Lisa claimed that she was mentally ill and has also suffered some very serious abuse when she was child. She was convicted of killing a pregnant woman by strangling her. What was more astonishing is that she kidnapped her baby by cutting her. The victim named as Bobbie Jo Stinnett was only 23 years old and died of excessive bleeding. Lisa Montgomery has become first female inmate in the history of US government to be executed during past 67 years.

She was asked if she had any last words before execution. However she responded in NO. Lisa said nothing else except NO. Her lawyer was furious after her execution. She said that everyone involved in execution should feel ashamed. There were many demonstrators who protested outside the prison in Terre Haute, Indiana demanding end to the death penalty.

The execution was already postponed twice in last one year. First this was postponed because of COVID-19 nd then a judge postponed it until the Supreme Court cleared it yesterday. In a dramatic twist of turns a judge in Indiana had halted execution until a mental competency hearing could be held. The lawyers defending Lisa also argued that she was born with damaged brain. Also this is presented to the honourable judge that Lisa was continuously sexually assaulted as kid by her father and she was even trafficked by her mother.  The defence of her lawyers in front of the judge is that she was not in right mental situation at the time of committing of crime. Not only lawyers by many human rights groups along with many ex lawyers in US also supported her. On the other hand family and friends of the victim were adamant in bringing her to justice. They were of the opinion that the murder was so gruesome that Lisa deserved nothing less than death.

Lisa killed 23 year old Stinnetti by first becoming friend with er. They became friend online. They both shared common interest for love of dogs. Suring online chat only Lisa came to know that Stinnett was pregnant. She drove all the way to Stinnett’s house. After reaching her house she overpowered Stinnett and strangled her. Once Stinnett became unconscious then she cut her womb and took baby out. She was found guilty was back in 2007 and consequently was sentenced to death on following day itself. However this took almost 13 years to commute her death sentence.

Her lawyers last hope was President elect Biden. President elect Biden has promised to do away with death sentences. He has promised his countrymen that he will end death sentence on the federal level. For records purpose the Supreme Court of the United States of America has demolished the death penalty earlier also in the year 1972. However the decision was reversed in less than four years. This was in 1953 only that a female member was executed before Lisa Montgomery. President Trump has ordered resumption of federal execution after almost 17 years.

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