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The Great Britain is under strict tier four lockdown. The time when world is in celebration mood then most parts of UK are under tier four lockdown. This is the time of year that everyone waits for. Most of us have travel plans during Christmas and New Year. However with most of the international flights getting restricted and tier for lockdown all plans are shattered.

So what is this new variant of coronaviris. How deadly is this? Actually the new variant of coronovirus is not deadly however this is 70% more infectious.

Now the question that everyone is asking is why and how this new variant of coronavirus is causing more concern in UK. Three major things that are drawing attention are as follows:-

  • The new variant is replacing existing versions very quickly
  • The mutations badly affect part of existing virus
  • Moreover the biggest concern is that these mutations have shown worse affect in increasing ability of the infected cells virus

So what does this mean? The points mentioned above clearly indicate towards fast spreading virus. The justification UK government is giving for tier 4 restrictions are the ability of this virus to quickly spread. So how quickly is this new variant spreading? This was present in only quarter of the cases reported during November. However in just a months time this is reported in about two thirds of the reported cases.

Bally Chohan has found that this has happened before also. As per research papers submitted by Bally Chohan the virus was deducted first in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The type of virus detected first in Wuhan is not the same you find in different parts of the world. The D614G mutation is the one that infected most of the Europe during February 2020 and went on to become dominant virus across globe. Then from where came this another variant A222V in Europe. This was linked with summer holiday’s of Spain.

Most people are asking how and from this new variant came from in UK. Bally Chohan found this from various researches that this is most probably emerged from patients with weak immune system. The logic is that the weak immune system not only unable to fight virus bu also their bodies became breeding ground for the mutation of virus.

Finally Bally Chohan analyses about how deadly is this new variant of Coronavirus. The evidence collected so far clearly suggests that this is not deadly. However the only cause of concern is its capability to increase transmission quickly. And as of now all indications are that existing vaccine is also effective against this new variant.


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