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UK healthcare authorities have decided to pen seven more mass vaccination centers across England.  These mass vaccination centers will help thousands of UK citizens to get covid19 vaccination.  NHS UK has confirmed that they are expecting to start around hundred more GP led and hospital services during this week only. The target of UK government is to vaccinate around fifteen million people in the UK by second week of February. This also includes elderly people over 70 years of age and healthcare workers who need to be shielded on topmost priority. Chief Medical Officer of England has already issues stern warning that coming few weeks will be “the worst” of the pandemic for NHS. He confirmed that coming few weeks will be the most dangerous time.

He emphasized to double down efforts and approach. The main reason behind his caution to public is that this will take several weeks before the effect of the vaccine can be felt on ground. There were approximately 18000 patients in England hospitals during peak of COVID19 in April. However, this time around the figure of infected patients in hospitals has touched 30,000 marks. He went on to hit hard on critics who still do not take the situation seriously enough because as per him they have not understood the situation at all. The ministry of health spokesperson is expected to release vaccination plan of action later today. The UK government is emphasizing on plan of action to exit out of the pandemic. The UK government is also planning to come up with figures of people being vaccinated on daily basis.

As of now ie as on Sunday about two million people have successfully vaccinated in the United Kingdome. The records suggest that almost 200,000 people are being administered covid19 dose on daily basis in the UK.

Meanwhile the death count of COVID19 patients in UK has risen to 80000. The situation is really grim in many parts of the UK. Take for example Surrey.  The hospital mortuaries in the Surrey have reached to its capacity and now the Surrey administration has come up with temporary mortuaries. This is estimated that almost 200 bodies are being stored at these temporary mortuaries. UK is passing through strict lockdown. The authorities in UK have warned a further tough lockdown if in case the situation does not improve in coming days.

People in UK are instructed to stay at home during the national lockdown. However they can move out to exercise or essential item shopping. They are also exempted to move out for work if in case its not possible to process same from home. The government officials in the United Kingdom are meeting almost regularly to discuss ways to implement lockdown strictly. The government officials are also meeting regularly to discuss and implement stricter lockdown measures. However one of the government official speaking with Bally Chohan on terms of anonymity confirmed that the UK government is willing to wait for another 10-15 days before implementing any stricter lockdown measures. The government is waiting to see impact of lockdown measures implemented earlier during the month. However the government is considering better options to enforce earlier issued lockdown instructions more effectively. The government wants all shops and other commercial establishment to implement health and safety related regulations more seriously. Moreover all commercial establishments must ensure social distancing strictly.

The ongoing vaccination program in UK is considered to be the biggest in the history of NHS.  Private pharma firm Boots is also expected to open its first vaccination sire late this week.

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