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Bally Chohan was in India when news of flight suspension came out. Bally Chohan went India to meet his family. However Bally came changed his travel plans and came back well in time. While in India Bally never felt as if the world is passing through any pandemic. The public was roaming as if there is no infection at all. Most of the persons were not even wearing mask. While travelling in Delhi metro Bally came across a strange phenomenon. The passengers were sitting with a difference of one seat whereas the passengers standing was overcrowding He could not understand the point in sitting with a difference of one seat whereas the train is over crowded with standing passengers.

New variant of corona virus is spreading like anything worldwide.  The new variant of coronavirus was first reported from UK. However, now several cases of new variant infections are reported from not only many EU countries but also from Canada and Japan.

coronavirus bally chohan

Bally Chohan is of the firm belief that this new variant was first reported from UK because of UK’s strong surveillance system. As reported in earlier blog the new variant is not as deadly but is more transmissible. Now the most important question is that how far this new variant has spread.  Japan reported two cases of new variant coronavirus. These two infected persons were pilots flying UK JAPAN flight. Japan has now restricted entries of all foreign nationals with some exceptions. The new variant cases were also reported from Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France and few other countries.

What is new variant of coronavirus?

Bally Chohan

The new variant was first detected during the month of September in South of England. The variant resulted in sharp increase of infected patients. About two third of the infected people were carrying this newer variant of coronavirus. The new variant is said to have mutations resulting to affect parts of the virus. The research labs have confirmed increased ability of virus to infect cells. Most of the experts are of firm view that the already developed vaccine is quite capable of handling this new variant of coronavirus.


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